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Top 10 Reasons to Spend Christmas with Brooks!



10.   The family Christmas party is "all-you-can-eat".
  9.   Two words: Nap Time!

  8.   Everyone gets first class airline upgrades

        for "cuteness".

  7.   Cheerios ain't so bad in the morning, afternoon,

        evening, or whenever.

  6.   A shoe is all you need for entertainment.

  5.   Strained squash .... yum.

  4.   Carrying Brooks equals a free workout

        (Who needs Gold's Gym?).

  3.   Slobber all you want, with no stigma.

  2.   The little things make you ecstatically happy, i.e.

        standing at the coffee table.

  1.   He's the life of the party and a blessing to us all!